1.2.1 Academic and Business Calendar Development


Academic and Business Calendar Development

Last Update Approved: January 16, 2015

Edited/Revised: July 8, 2015

Revised Effective: August 7, 2015

Per the University System of Georgia Board of Regents Policy Manual, section 3.4.2, Uniform Academic Calendar, and the Board of Regents Academic & Student Affairs Handbook, section 2.1, Semester System, Uniform Academic Calendar, Cancellation of Classes and Religious Holidays, Middle Georgia State University adheres to the policies set forth to establish annual academic and business calendars.

Board of Regents Policy Manual

3.4.2 Uniform Academic Calendar

Institutions will have two (2) semesters, each with fifteen (15) instructional weeks.

All institutions, with the exception of the Medical School at Georgia Regents University, shall begin and end classes during prescribed periods. The prescribed dates for starting and ending classes can be found in the Academic Affairs Handbook.

Each institution will determine all other necessary dates for the semester, including the possibility of flexible scheduling within and between semesters. Each term must be separated by a minimum of one (1) day.

Board of Regents Academic & Student Affairs Handbook

2.1 Semester System, Uniform Academic Calendar, Cancellation of Classes and Religious Holidays

Procedures related to the Calendar of Academic Activities for USG institutions include the following information:

Semester System
Determination of specific days and times of course offerings is left to the discretion of the institution in order to provide for flexible scheduling within the parameters of BOR Policy 3.4.1

Uniform Academic Calendar
The starting and ending dates for each semester are determined by the Executive Vice Chancellor and Chief Academic Officer of the USG. The following link provides information concerning the earliest starting and latest ending dates by term for each institution: http://www.usg.edu/academics/calendars/.

Religious Holiday Schedule
Decisions as to which religious holidays are covered by institutional policy are left to the discretion of individual USG institutions since the characteristics of the student body and faculty may vary considerably among institutions. The intent and spirit of the policy should be honored by making special arrangements for individuals where such an action is deemed to be best for the institution as a whole.

Cancellation of Classes
If severe weather requires the cancellation of classes, “makeup” days shall be scheduled according to the academic calendar of the institution with sensitivity to institutionally established dates. Any rescheduling shall observe the institution’s policy on religious holidays.

Institutional Holidays
USG institutions shall have twelve official paid holidays each calendar year for employees. The paid holidays are in addition to earned vacation time. Terminated employees are not paid for official holidays or sick leave after the last working day of employment.


Academic and Business Calendars are developed through a committee process that includes representatives for the Office of Academic Affairs, Bursar’s Office, Campus Directors, Departmental Faculty, Faculty Senate, Enrollment Management, Financial Aid, Registrar’s Office, and Student Affairs. A representative for the Office of Technology Resources serves in an ex officio role attending meetings as needed.

The Calendar Committee is chaired by the Vice President of Enrollment Management or designee.

At a minimum, the Calendar Committee meets twice a year, once in the fall semester and once in the spring. Additional meetings are called as needed.

Fall Meeting: October

Spring Meeting: April

The Calendar Committee is always forward planning at a minimum one academic calendar cycle so that dates are ready for publication in the University Catalog and on the website (e.g., in the fall of 2014, calendars were developed for fall 2015-summer 2016).

Once the Calendar Committee has finalized an academic year, the recommendations are brought forward to the President’s Cabinet for final review and approval. Once signed by the President, the calendars are published on the University website: http://www.mga.edu/academics/calendars/default.aspx.