1.2.3 Substantive Change Policy SACSOC


Middle Georgia State University Substantive Change Policy (Sub-C) 


Institutional Obligations: 1. Member institutions are required to notify the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) of changes in accordance with the substantive change policy and, when required, seek approval prior to the initiation of changes. 2. Member institutions are required to have a policy and procedure to ensure that all substantive changes are reported to the Commission in a timely fashion.   


*See full SACSCOC policy at  https://sacscoc.org/accrediting-standards/substantive-changes/ 


  1. The MGA Substantive Change Policy shall be posted on the Office of the Provost site and catalogued in the MGA Policy Manual.
  2. The SACSCOC Institutional Liaison (Liaison) shall be the initiator for Sub-C processes and documentation at MGA.
  3. Once a year, the Liaison sends an email to academic and administrative principles to remind and inform leadership of this policy, copying the President, the Provost, and the Chair of the Academic Affairs Committee (AAC)
  4. When necessary, the Liaison consults with respective principles as to whether an institutional change in question constitutes a “significant departure.”
  5. Liaison determines whether 1) notification is to be made or 2) whether prospectus needs to be prepared.
  6. If notification is needed, Liaison composes letter for President’s signature.
  7. If necessary, Liaison coordinates composition, editing, budget preparation, signature gathering, and mailing of prospectus to SACSCOC.
  8. Liaison consults with marketing and others about program advertising guidelines prior to official approval of prospectus.
  9. Liaison communicates official SACSCOC response to the President, the Provost, and others as necessary.


Modified December 2017 

Modified February 2018 

Reviewed by Cabinet February 2018 

Approved 30 day posting Policy Manual site March 2018 

Modified by Office of the Provost and General Counsel March 2021 

Reviewed by Cabinet March 2021