7.4.8 Surplus Property Disposal

Added: 09/18/2013
Revised: 07/08/2015
Last Reviewed: 07/31/2018
Effective: 08/07/2015







Any property, equipment or usable supplies that are, for any reason, no longer needed by the department are considered surplus property and must be disposed of in accordance with institutional and state regulations.

The Georgia Surplus Property Manual issued by the Georgia Department of Administrative Services provides the state regulations and procedures for surplus property.

The Property Control Office is responsible for coordinating the disposal for all surplus, obsolete, or unusable University property and equipment and is the designated contact with DOAS concerning surplus property. Departments must not dispose of equipment items, even if broken beyond normal recognition, except through the established procedures.


The Property Control Office will work with DOAS and university personnel to meet the requirements of these laws and regulations.

When the using department identifies surplus property (item is damaged, obsolete or unwanted), the department should contact the Property Control Office and complete a Property Transfer Form.  Surplus property should not be put in hallways or outside offices waiting to be picked up. Only Plant personnel and/or Property Control can pick up surplus.

The Property Control Office will coordinate with the department to schedule a pick-up time. Pick-ups are completed as soon as possible, but at least monthly. The Property Transfer Form should be provided to the Property Control Office when the property is removed from the department.

The Property Control Office inspects, assesses and photographs items that are to be submitted to DOAS for resale, relocation or destruction. If needed, surplus electronics are counted, logged, palletized and shrink wrapped to transfer to an electronics scrap vendor.

Once surplus property has been properly disposed, the Property Control Office will coordinate with the Controller’s Office to remove any inventoried items from the Asset Management system.


The Property Transfer Form can be obtained from the Property Control Office website.