5.3.1 Aircraft Proficiency Time

Added: 12/06/2013
Revised: 07/08/2015
Last Reviewed: 07/31/2018
Effective: 08/07/2015







Middle Georgia State University (MGA) employees who are required to have flight credentials to perform their official college duties may utilize MGA aircraft for proficiency time. MGA employees who have flight credentials but who are not required to have them for their MGA position are not eligible to use MGA aircraft for proficiency time.

This usage of MGA aircraft for proficiency time is a privilege and not a right. The usage does not accumulate and is not a benefit that has a cash value.

Each eligible employee has a monthly allowance of 1.5 hours in a single engine and 1.0 hours in the multi-engine.

Hours gained by fixed-wing instructors that wish to train in the helicopter may only transfer the 1.0 of Seminole time. (Crossover time from the helicopter instructors will be granted only by the chief flight instructor and will be 2.5 for fixed wing single).

The hours will not be allowed to be carried over or flown ahead of the current month. (Only exceptions will be granted by the Chief Flight Instructor).

All proficiency time, both fixed wing and rotary, must be listed on request sheet and approved BEFORE the flight is attempted.

During the proficiency flights, the employee must complete a lesson plan designed to use the time appropriately and return the forms to the Chief Flight Instructor.

If at any time an instructor abuses this privilege by going over their allotted time, flying without approval, or engaging in unsafe or questionable actions may have his or her time stripped or possible termination.

Time used to ferry aircraft for school business is not to be counted for individual time.

Proficiency time is employee specific and cannot be utilized by another eligible employee.

Flights must remain inside the state of Georgia and only public use, paved runways will be allowed. Destinations of helicopter flights must be approved by Chief Helicopter Instructor.

Cross over time can be used by instructors as long as they can show they are proficient in every way per FARs and inside the current month. Proof of currency must be presented to Chief Flight Instructor.

Revenue flights cannot be used for Proficiency Time such as for CFII flights.

The Citabria can be used for the single engine time to stay current or for tail-wheel signoffs.

All Proficiency flights must be scheduled on the scheduling system BEFORE the flight is approved and flown.