7.7.1 Comprehensive Loss Control Program

Added: 08/15/2013
Revised: 07/08/2015
Last Reviewed: 07/31/2018
Effective: 08/07/2015






Comprehensive Loss Control Program

The Comprehensive Loss Control Program (CLCP) is an eight component program established by the Georgia Department of Administrative Services (DOAS) that was designed to help state entities achieve a safety culture and lessen the frequency of all types of claims while providing a safer working environment for all state employees, students and visitors of these institutions. Incentives and deterrents are in place to ensure that state agencies participate in the CLCP. Senate Bill 425 authorizes DOAS to establish incentive programs that include setting insurance coverage premium rates and adjusting claim deductibles based on participation in loss control programs. Middle Georgia State University’s (MGA) Risk Management department is charged with assembling and implementing a working CLCP for all MGA campuses. The components, and a brief description, of MGA’s Comprehensive Loss Control Program are listed and discussed below.


Employee Education and Training

There are a variety of risk exposures to state employees and state entities. Efforts to improve loss control programs require training and education on loss control topics. MGA’s Risk Management department has established a written policy explaining the availability of training materials and compliance thereto. Also, all training materials and courses are available to all employees by contacting the Risk Management department.

Employee Accident Prevention Plan

Most injuries to employees are preventable. MGA’s Risk Management department has a system in place for the identification and control of hazards and exposures. It is the responsibility of all employees to pay attention to their surroundings and potential hazards in an effort to reduce accidents. Hazards can be reported using the MGA Risk Management web site or by calling the Risk Management Department.

Fidelity Losses (Employee Theft)

Theft and misuse of state funds, property and services by employees causes financial loss and impacts MGA’s image. MGA’s Risk Management department has created systems to maintain property inventories and works in conjunction with Public Safety and Human Resources to mitigate these types of losses, and see that appropriate action, up to termination, is taken when misappropriation of state property is found. Misappropriation includes the “borrowing” of state property for personal use 

General Liability – MGA has systems in place to reduce or eliminate the effects of Employment Practices claims, such as harassment. The Human Resources Department is charged with assigning all employees Harassment and Ethics training annually.

Workers Compensation

MGA makes every effort to have a safe work environment. Even in organizations with extensive safety programs injuries still occur. MGA’s Risk Management and Human Resources departments have implemented the “Georgia Focus” program to help expedite an injured employee’s return to work. Every accommodation is made to try and find a light duty task to get an employee back to work in some capacity as soon as possible. Remember: “Safety is everyone’s responsibility” so if you see something, say something!

Real Property

Maintaining state owned buildings in proper condition is critical to preventing losses and reducing liability issues and is a significant focus point for loss control. MGA’s Plant Operations Department has systems in place to regularly perform preventative maintenance on buildings, grounds and equipment. The department of Risk Management also does regular inspections of buildings and grounds and suggests corrective measures to appropriate parties when necessary to meet law, code and regulation requirements.

Auto Liability and Physical Damage

Employees driving on state business, regardless of vehicle ownership (state, personal, rented, leased) are covered for liability while operating the vehicle in a safe and proper manner. MGA has a Motor Vehicle Use policy in place which includes a Drivers Qualification program. The Risk Management department assigns drivers training to new employees and checks all employees driver’s license annually to validate that they are qualified to operate a state vehicle or their personal vehicle for state business. Also, employees driving on state business are required to complete driving training and submit a Driver’s Acknowledgement Form annually. MGA also participates in the “Report My Driving” program.

Fleet Management

MGA participates in the Automotive Resources Incorporated (ARI) system that monitors vehicles preventive maintenance schedule. Routine maintenance is performed by Plant Operation employees or outside contractors and then that information is entered into ARI.  This process ensures that routine and proper maintenance is performed on all state vehicles 


Failure to participate in the CLCP program will result in classification as a non-participant and the DOAS can impose the following penalties.

  1. Requirement to pay a 10% surcharge on all insurance premiums.
  2. Non-Participating agencies will pay higher third party property damage deductibles.