5.3.2 Aircraft Usage

  • Is appropriately rated for the aircraft to be used and has a minimum of 25 hours in the aircraft category, class, and type.
  • Is named on the appropriate insurance documents. Copies of current licenses, ratings, and FAA Medical Certificates are maintained in MGA flight training records.
  • Each flight for Official Business is authorized in writing by the Chief Flight Instructor, the Aviation and Business Management Division Chair and the Aviation Campus Director.
  1. PICs flying on Official Business are urged, when practical, to include a student pilot who may wish to participate in the trip and may benefit from participating in the trip, as an observer. At the discretion of the PIC, the student may occupy the left-seat (if the PIC is a rated and current Flight Instructor), the right-seat, or the rear seat.
  1. Only MGA employees, students, or contracted persons are permitted to be transported in MGA aircraft, except when transport for official guests on university business is requested and authorized by the Chief of Staff in the Office of the President.