7.5.4 Demonstration Equipment

Added: 12/06/2013
Revised: 07/08/2015
Last Reviewed: 07/31/2018
Effective: 08/07/2015







Departments/Units should not accept equipment on an approval basis without first discussing the matter with the Procurement Officer. Vendors must be made aware of certain risks that they undertake as well as purchasing policies and regulations with respect to equipment and supplies.

When equipment is left by vendors for demonstration purposes, the Department/Unit should inform them that the University assumes no responsibility for its loss or damage and that if a purchase is made because of this demonstration, the equipment so purchased will be new, unused, and (when appropriate) in original unbroken cartons, NOT the equipment demonstrated unless USED items are specified in the request before the event of the demonstration. This also applies to video tapes, movies, software, and books.

Department/Unit personnel are not authorized to receive by gift, purchase, lease or loan, any equipment such as soap or detergent dispensers, towel or tissue cabinets or holders, or any other equipment that will, or is intended to, dispense only one manufacturer’s product. Such equipment should dispense any competitive product for which equipment is intended. Experience has shown that the gift will usually cost more in the long term because of lack of competition for the supplies.