6.8.1 Alcohol at Events Hosted on University Property

Added: 11/06/2013
Revised: 07/08/2015
Last Reviewed: 07/31/2018
Effective: 08/07/2015








Laws strictly regulate consumption of alcoholic beverages. All persons attending events at any of the campuses of Middle Georgia State University (MGA) must comply with these laws. This applies to all persons on the grounds or in the facilities of MGA. Noncompliance may subject the Board of Regents, the college and employees to legal liability.

Authorization to Serve Alcoholic Beverages

Only the President of Middle Georgia State University can authorize the consumption of alcoholic beverages on college property. Persons wishing to serve alcoholic beverages must obtain the permission of the president by completing the request at the end of this document. The President has designated the approval authority to the Chief of Staff for events coordinated through the Macon Campus Conference Center.

Type of Event

The serving of alcoholic beverages is limited to those events that serve a business, an economic development or a civic function or that are coordinated through the Macon Campus Conference Center. Alcoholic beverages will not be served at any student-sponsored event.

Event Server Required

Events at which alcoholic beverages are served must have a designated server. The server may be an individual, organization, or association. In any case, no one under the age of twenty-one years of age shall serve alcoholic beverages.

Event Supervisor Required

The person/group sponsoring a function must designate an individual who is at least twenty-one years of age to assume responsibility on behalf of the sponsor for direct supervision of the serving and consumption of alcoholic beverages throughout the event. The event supervisor is responsible for ensuring compliance with this document and all pertinent state and local laws governing possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages. If the event is open to persons under the age of 21, then a sign at the bar shall indicate that no alcoholic beverages will be served to anyone who is under 21 years of age.


There shall be no advertisement in the public media or otherwise that alcoholic beverages may be served at MGA except for events coordinated through the Macon Campus Conference Center.

Sale of Alcoholic Beverages

The sale of alcoholic beverages is prohibited at any event on campus except for events coordinated through the Macon Campus Conference Center and approved by the Chief of Staff.

Food and Non-Alcoholic Beverages Must Be Made Available

Alternate non-alcoholic beverages and food must also be provided at any event at which alcoholic beverages are served.

Attendance Limits

Events at which alcoholic beverages are served will be closed to all persons not specifically invited. Access to the area where the function is occurring will be closed during the event.

Alcohol Must Remain In Designated Areas

Alcoholic beverages may not be carried or consumed outside rooms or areas designated for an approved event. Secure storage must be arranged if alcoholic beverages must be stored prior to or following an event.

Intoxicated Persons May Not Be Served

If, in the opinion of the server, a person is intoxicated, that person will not be served or permitted to consume alcoholic beverages on the premises.

Limited Time of Service

The sponsor of a function shall limit the serving of alcoholic beverages to a predetermined end time.

Additional Precautions May Be Required

The president (or his/her designee) reserves the right to require additional precautions such as greater limitations on time of service and security.

Funding Source

Student activity funds, state funds or federal funds may not be used for the purchase of alcoholic beverages.


Only the president (or his/her designee) can grant exceptions to this directive. Exceptions for such things as sale of alcoholic beverages and advertisement must be requested in writing with a statement of the justification for the request.


All requestors must fill out a form that includes the following language and information:

By signature below, I request permission to serve alcohol in accordance with the Alcohol Use Policy of Middle Georgia State University for the following event.

Name/Type of Function                                                                                        



Authorized Event Server:                                                                                     

Authorized Event Supervisor:                                                                             

By signature below I certify that I have read, understand, and received a copy of, and will comply, with the Middle Georgia State University Alcohol Use Policy.



Printed Name of Requestor



Signature of Requestor


Approved                                 Disapproved                



President/President’s Designee