7.5.17 Vendor Relations

Added: 11/06/2013
Revised: 07/08/2015
Last Reviewed: 07/31/2018
Effective: 08/07/2015







The desirability of good customer‑vendor relations cannot be overemphasized. Members of the Procurement Office usually have more contact with the general business sector than most other personnel of the College. However, all Middle Georgia State University (MGA) employees must take extreme care to avoid even the appearance of favoritism toward any vendor.

In dealing with suppliers, the procurement office and the requesting departments/unit should:

  • Give each salesperson a full, fair and courteous hearing on any subject justified by the nature of his or her product and needs;
  • Decline to take advantage of a seller’s obvious errors; allow a vendor to withdraw a quotation immediately if offered in error;
  • Keep competition open and fair;
  • Insist on receiving the best price first and hold the bidder to it, avoid any appearance of auctioning the bid among vendors (this involves revealing to suppliers what other vendors bid);
  • Keep specifications fair and clear and avoid impossible or unnecessary specifications;
  • Show consideration for the vendor’s difficulties and cooperate with him or her whenever possible;
  • Avoid the rejection and return of items for petty reasons;
  • Avoid putting the vendor to unnecessary expense on return items; and
  • Answer all vendor inquiries promptly.

Requesting Departments/Units should also:

  • Indicate, as appropriate, their preference for vendor(s), recognizing that justifications for restriction of competition to one vendor are usually futile (However, the preferred vendor(s) will receive requests to submit quotations.); and
  • Treat suppliers with courtesy and fairness, while maintaining a firm and unyielding position with respect to price, quality and service (consulting with the Procurement Office if compromises are being considered).

Vendor Relations and Acceptance of Gifts

Relations with suppliers should always be kept professional. The integrity and independence of all parties should be paramount in such matters.

Board of Regents Policy Provision addresses gratuities.

Policy specifically addresses Prohibited Receipt of Gifts by USG Employees. All MGA employees should review this policy.