7.6.2 Group/Team Travel

Added: 08/15/2013
Revised: 07/08/2015
Last Reviewed: 07/31/2018
Effective: 08/07/2015







General Guidelines

The Official Code of Georgia 50-6-27 requires that employee travel expenses be tracked per employee and reported to the Georgia Department of Audits and Accounts. Non-employee travel must be tracked separately.

It is extremely important that employee travel be kept separate from non-employee travel. This is accomplished in the PeopleSoft Travel System by selecting the correct Expense Type (there are specific types for employee travel and non-employee travel). Additionally, employee travel must be kept separate by employee to facilitate annual travel expenses. This is accomplished by each employee submitting his or her own expense transactions.

Group/Team travel is defined as a college sponsored organization, club, or team, athletic or academic, traveling off campus to represent the college. A list of the students and faculty/coaches/sponsors (or a Roster) signed by the employee responsible (e.g. Head Coach in case of athletic event) for the trip is required.

Group/Team Meals

When a group or team is traveling out of town, meals can be provided to the students. The per diem rates and other regulations will be applicable as are applicable to employees. Per Diem allowance information can be found in the USG Business Procedures Manual.

Cash Advances for Team Meals

A request for cash advance for team meals is a two step process with no preference as to order of completion.

  1. The cash advance should be requested in the PeopleSoft Travel module.

Detailed information concerning this process can be found on the Accounting Services website. The Creating Cash Advances document provides step-by-step instructions on creating a cash advance and the Applying a Cash Advance to an Expense Report document provides instructions to apply the cash advance to the expense report.

  1. An email should be sent to Accounting Services requesting the cash advance and should contain:
  • Date funds are needed
  • Description which will include the destination city, game/event date, and, if applicable, the opposing school name
  • Detailed calculation of number of team players and number of meals required (as per diem rates referred in preceding section) including a roster

Note: Requesting employee cannot use Team Cash Advance for his or her own expenses or for any of the accompanying college employee or non-employees (other than students). Team Cash advance can only be used to pay for the meals (and other incidental expenses) of the accompanying students.

During processing of cash advances, Accounting Services is required to verify that the traveler does not have any advances outstanding; this includes outstanding funds for group/team travel, hotel advances or prepaid airfare for completed travel.

When accounting services processes the cash advance, the traveler will be notified by email that the funds have been deposited. The system will notify the traveler if an advance is denied or sent back.

After completion of the travel, the traveler has 10 workdays to create an Expense Report in PeopleSoft Travel and submit a signed Expense Report along with applicable receipts and a signed roster covering every team member. In cases where per diem cash is handed out to each member of the team, only a signed roster is required.

Advances not cleared timely will be considered a salary advance.