9.1.5 Use of Space by Outside Parties

General Policy


As part of its mission, Middle Georgia State University (MGA) seeks to enhance the region through professional leadership, innovative partnerships and community engagement. One of the ways MGA advances these objectives is by promoting the use of space on campus by community members, organizations, and partners, including government, non-profit, and corporate groups, as well as individuals organizing community or private functions.


Event Planning and Conferencing Services


Use of space that requires event planning or other conferencing services will take place at the Professional Sciences Center (Conference Center) on the university’s Macon Campus. However, space and related services, such as catering, audiovisual technology, and security may also be available at other university locations, pursuant to the procedures outlined below.


Priority Usage of University Space


Outside of the Conference Center, the primary function of which is events and conferencing, academic classes will always have the highest priority in use of MGA space, followed by university-sponsored events and other activities associated with academic and student programming. Space will be made available in the following priority order:

  • 1 st Priority – Academic Classes
  • 2 nd Priority – University Enrollment-related Activities, such as Orientation, Recruitment, Testing, and Other Special Events
  • 3 rd Priority – University Academic and Student Life Events
  • 4 th Priority – Government, Non-Profit, and Community Events
  • 5 th Priority – Corporate and Private Events


Hours of Operation


MGA administrative offices follow the academic calendar of the university and are generally open from 8am-5:30pm Monday through Thursday and 8am-12 noon on Fridays from August through May. In the summer, MGA is generally open 7:30am-6:30pm Monday through Thursday. Use of space outside office hours will include fees for opening and securing facilities, which may include overtime for University Police.


Inclement Weather and Emergencies


In the event of inclement weather or any life-threatening emergencies, MGA reserves the right to cancel any and all events on university property.


Available Space


A description of event space available on the Macon Campus (located 1hr South of Atlanta) may be obtained from the Conference Center Director.


Space available across university locations outside of the Macon Campus includes:


  • Cochran Campus (40min from Warner Robins, 50min from Macon)
    • 3 Auditoriums (185-320 person capacity)
    • 3 Banquet Rooms (75-375 person capacity)
    • 8 Standard Conference Rooms (8-37 person capacity)
    • 4 Video Conference Rooms (8-37 person capacity)
    • Numerous meeting and classrooms (15-65 person capacity)
    • Various computer labs (20-40 person capacity
    • Athletic Facilities including: 1 Gymnasium (1140 person capacity), 3 Fields, 1 Swimming Pool, and 1 Aerobics Room (50 person capacity)


  • Dublin Campus (45min from Warner Robins, 1hr from Macon, 1hr45min from Savannah)
    • 1 Banquet Room (150 person capacity)
    • 15 Classrooms (25-40 person capacity)
    • 2 Computer Labs (20-40 person capacity
    • 1 Outdoor Venue (suitable for gatherings featuring entertainment)


  • Eastman Campus (1hr from Warner Robins, 1hr10min from Macon, 2hrs from Savannah)
    • 1 Banquet Room (100 person capacity)
    • 3 Conference Rooms (12-24 person capacity)
    • 1 Video Conference Room (24 person capacity)
    • 20 Classrooms (16-65 person capacity)
    • 4 Computer Labs (16-25 person capacity)


  • Warner Robins Campus (30min from Macon, 10min from Robins Airforce Base)
    • 1 Auditorium (80 person capacity)
    • 1 Multi-Use Atrium (80-150 person capacity)
    • 15 Classrooms (26-60 person capacity)
    • 2 Computer Labs (24-40 person capacity)


  • Macon Downtown Airport (East Macon, 1hr25min from ATL)
    • 1 Conference Room (12 person capacity)


  • Georgia VECTR Center (5min from Warner Robins Campus)
    • 1 Multi-Use Lobby Area (50-100 person capacity)
    • 2 Video Conference Rooms (8-18 person capacity)
    • 2 Classrooms (25-65 person capacity)
    • 1 Computer Lab (28 person capacity)


Use of University Identity


No advertisement or other public statement by outside parties shall assert or imply that MGA supports, approves, or endorses any product, service, interest, position or ideology of the sponsoring organization or individual, unless such advertisements or statements have been approved in writing by the university’s Chief Marketing Officer in advance of publication. The facility should be described as being located at Middle Georgia State University in any directions to the event and any use of university name or identity marks and logos must comply with the MGA Brand Identity Guidelines.




MGA facilities are equipped with a variety of audiovisual technology. Basic technology including LCD projectors, projection screens, and a computer, as well as videoconferencing in spaces advertised as such, are included in space rental. Additional technology may be available for a fee.




Request for Reservation may be submitted online, via email, or by telephone to the contacts listed at the end of this policy.


Responsibilities and Limitations


It is the responsibility of the outside party, pursuant to the Facilities Use Agreement, to be aware of the policies and guidelines of the university.  The party representative who signs the agreement accepts responsibility for ensuring that all MGA policies and guidelines are followed while event attendees are using space on university property.


Limitations on the use of space on MGA property include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Space on MGA property may not be used for fundraising activities of political parties or candidates.
  • Space on MGA property may not be used in any manner to involve MGA in the endorsement of any religion or sect.
  • Space on MGA property will not be made available to organizations whose activities bar participation because of race, religion, color, national origin, ancestry, gender, sexual orientation, age, or disability.
  • Space on MGA property will be denied to organizations whose previous conduct violated any portion of an agreement with the university, MGA or Board of Regents (BOR) policies, local, state, or federal laws or regulations, or if the requesting group or individual has been involved in interference with educational activities, property damage, or personal injuries.
  • Space on MGA property will not be made available for advocacy directed to inciting or producing imminent lawless action, or which is likely to incite or produce such action.
  • Sales of goods and/or services by outside organizations are strictly prohibited unless approved in advance by the MGA Director of Auxiliary Services.


Usage Fees


Outside parties holding events and conferences on the Macon Campus will receive an estimate of usage fees from the Conference Center Director upon submission of a Request for Reservation.


Outside parties using space on MGA property outside the Macon Campus will be assessed space usage fees ranging from $15 to $660 based upon:

  • the size and type of space;
  • amenities provided (such as videoconferencing or receipt/storage/shipment of materials);
  • duration of use (including any surcharge for security or access outside business hours); and
  • the type of entity requesting the space (government/non-profit v. corporate/private).


Upon submission of a Request for Reservation, the outside party will receive a quote for usage fees.




The official food service provider for MGA is Sodexo. As such, for all events on university property, opportunities to provide catering must first be provided to Sodexo. Only the Macon and Cochran campuses have on-site catering facilities. Note that service requests for catering at other university locations will incur a delivery fee.


If food and beverages are required, catering fees will be included in the total quoted for space usage by the Conference Center at the time of reservation, and the outside party will receive a single invoice payable to Middle Georgia State University. Sodexo will subsequently invoice MGA for food and beverage services related to the event.


Upon submission of a Request for Reservation, the university will provide initial menu options.


Fees for catering events outside of the Macon Campus, not including the delivery fee to locations without on-site food service facilities, vary for basic menu options based upon:

  • the meal provided;
  • menu selected;
  • other catering amenities needed (such as tablecloths, etc.); and
  • the type of entity requesting food (government/non-profit v. corporate/private).


Quotes and options for special items beyond basic menu offerings will be provided during the course of finalizing details pursuant to a contracting party’s request.


Space Usage for Day and Overnight Camps


As an institution of higher education, MGA welcomes use of university space for camps promoting learning, creativity, and athletics. Outside parties hosting camps on university property must abide by all policies cited herein. Moreover, in addition to a Space Usage Agreement, the host of a camp on MGA property must sign a Camp Agreement at the time of reservation, and a Recreational Facilities Use Agreement if needed.


All camps held on university property are administered through Auxiliary Services. Camp rates for facilities, food, and lodging start at $40/day per participant. Please contact the Director of Auxiliary Services for specific quotes.




For events hosted at the Conference Center, staff can assist with arranging for purchase of freshly cut flowers, centerpieces, and other decorations. At other university locations, no such event planning or conferencing support is available. For all MGA venues:

  • No decorations may be hung from the ceiling or placed on walls;
  • All candles must be globed; and
  • The use of glitters or confetti is prohibited.


Posters and Signage


Directional signs and/or banners are permitted with prior approval by Conference Center staff (in Macon) or Campus Affairs staff (on all other MGA property). The Conference Center also has easels available for display of posters or signs during events and meetings in Macon. No signs or posters may be pinned or taped to doors or walls. Tacks, nails, or screws may not be used for any purpose on university property.


Pre-Event Shipments


Shipments of materials for events must be approved in advance by Conference Center staff (in Macon) or Campus Affairs staff (on all other MGA property). A labor charge may be assessed for unloading and temporary storage of event materials. No shipments will be accepted more than 48 hours prior to an event and all materials must be picked up or returned (labor for shipment and postage billed to event organizers) within 48 hours after the event.




MGA reserves the right to require extra security at any event held by outside parties on its property, depending upon the nature of the event. These services are billed at an hourly rate and may require payment for a minimum number of hours. Regular campus security is present 24/7.


Smoking Policy


All MGA property is subject to the university’s Tobacco Free Campus Policy.


Alcohol Policy


All university locations are subject to the MGA policy on Alcohol at Events Hosted on University Property.


Minors Policy


All outside parties hosting minors on MGA property must abide by all provisions of the university’s Minors Policy.




MGA facilities meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements. If an event participant has a disability, the outside party contracting for MGA space is responsible for providing auxiliary aides, assistance, interpreters and/or materials in alternative formats as required by the ADA and other applicable local, state, and federal regulations.




MGA reserves the right to inspect and control all events held on university property.  The university does not assume responsibility for personal property and equipment brought into its facilities. Liability for damage to the premises will be the responsibility of the party hosting the event and will be charged back to them accordingly. MGA is not liable for any bodily injury occurring during use of the facility. In certain cases, outside parties may be asked to submit to MGA a certificate of insurance for general liability.




There will be a charge for any and all damages to facilities, equipment and/or furnishing which occur during use. This includes tape on walls, doors and/or floors. There will also be a charge when excess cleanup is required.




Attendees should park in the student parking lots adjacent to the event location. Outside parties using the facilities during business hours should avoid parking in spaces reserved for visitors or faculty and staff.


Confirmation and Payment


A reservation is not confirmed until a signed Facilities Use Agreement is signed and a 50 percent deposit has been received by the university. The deposit will be deducted from the final bill. Exceptions to the deposit requirement may be made by the Chief of Staff or Executive VP for Finance & Operations. The university reserves the right to release unconfirmed reservations 30 days preceding an event. 


Cancellation and Refunds


Cancellations must be made with the University at least 15 business days before the scheduled event. Deposits will be returned if events are cancelled during this time period. All outside parties will be billed following the event, with the remaining balance due no later than 30 days after receipt of the bill.


Contact Information


Any questions related to space use by outside parties at MGA should be directed to:




Telephone & Contact

Macon Campus and Conference Center, Cochran Campus, Dublin Campus, Eastman Campus, Macon Downtown Airport, and Warner Robins Campus



Cristina Mayer

Conference Center Director

Day and Overnight Camps on MGA Campuses




Auxiliary Services


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