8.5.2 Sexual Harassment & Misconduct Training

Proposed: 04/20/2016
Adopted: 05/20/2016
Last Reviewed: 07/31/2018
Effective: 06/19/2016







Middle Georgia State University is committed to ensuring a safe learning environment that supports the dignity of all members of the University community. Pursuant to Section 6.7 of the Policy Manual of the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia (BOR), federal and state laws and regulations, and our vision, mission, and values, Middle Georgia State University provides prevention tools and conducts ongoing awareness and prevention programming and training for the campus community including students, faculty, and staff.

Mandatory Training for Faculty & Staff

Faculty and Staff at Middle Georgia State University are required to complete sexual harassment and misconduct training annually.  Each academic year, employees must complete EverFi’s Haven for Faculty & Staff, provided online by the University System of Georgia. Beginning in FY2016-17, failure to complete such training will result in the employee becoming ineligible to receive an overall evaluation rating of “exceeds expectations” or any merit-based salary increases for which such rating is required.

In addition, employees designated as Campus Security Authorities under the Clery Act must complete an additional one-hour CSA training, which is offered each Fall Semester for all personnel listed as CSAs in the University’s Annual Security Report.

Mandatory Training for Students

All students at Middle Georgia State University are strongly encouraged to complete campus safety training, consisting of EverFi’s Haven and AlcoholEdu provided online by the University System of Georgia, during their first semester at the University.

They may do so by visiting EverFi’s website, using their Student ID # (beginning with 983) to register, and using the MGA student registration code: c1bad7b4. Students should save login information so they can complete Part 2 (30 days after finishing Part 1), and will receive a reminder email from EverFi to do so.

Students need only complete the EverFi training once during their time at Middle Georgia State University. Students who fail to complete Parts 1 and 2 of both Haven and AlcoholEdu before the deadline at the end of the semester will have a hold placed on electronic access to their grades until the training is completed.

While this hold will not prevent students from registering for classes or attending the University, and they may still obtain their grades by phone or in person through their academic advisors, the grade hold will keep students from seeing grades on SWORDS or accessing a transcript.

Holds may be temporarily lifted by the Registrar for exigent circumstances, such as the need for a transcript to obtain financial aid, scholarships, employment, or admission to academic programs at the institution or elsewhere.

Provided they certify that they have read the policies on sexual harassment and misconduct, alcohol and other drugs, and Student Code of Conduct at Middle Georgia State University and understand their rights and responsibilities thereunder, students may also request an exemption from mandatory training for any of the following reasons:

  • The student is a nontraditional student (age 27 or older) whose life experience makes this training redundant.
  • The student has received sexual harassment training through my employer that makes this training unnecessary.
  • The student is a transient or non-degree seeking student.
  • The student is a survivor of sexual abuse and the training may trigger a traumatic response.
  • The student completed EverFi’s Haven and AlcoholEdu at another institution.
  • This is the student’s last semester at the university.

Questions regarding Sexual Harassment & Misconduct training may be sent to the University’s Title IX Working Group at titleix@mga.edu.