7.5.11 Purchase Requisition

Added: 11/06/2013
Last Reviewed: 07/31/2018
Effective: 09/01/2018







A Request for Purchase (Requisition) should be completed for the purchase of supplies, materials, contracted services and/or equipment. A Request for Purchase is not necessary for items purchased utilizing the P-card purchasing process.


Generally, the Electronic Request for Purchase (ePro Requisition) should be utilized for requesting purchases. Detailed instructions for creating a Requisition are provided on the MGSC purchasing office website.

A non-electronic paper requisition may be used in case of an emergency and when time is of the utmost importance. Non-electronic requisitions may also be used during the last month of the Fiscal year in order to allow the Vice President of Fiscal Affairs to review and approve all end-of-year purchases. Other circumstances that require the use of the non-electronic requisition are department purchases from the Bookstore and Shipping packages via FedEx or UPS (See Procedures 2.7 and 3.1, respectively).

Requests for Purchase must be approved by the department/unit head, or if completed by the department/head, it must be approved by a level above the department/unit head.

The Request for Purchase must pass a budget check to ensure that funding is available for the purchase. If the budget check fails, the requesting department/unit should contact the Budget Office to resolve any questions relative to available funds. If a budget amendment is necessary, the appropriate Dean or Director must work with the Budget Office and the VP of Fiscal Affairs to request the budget amendment.

The Requestor, with the assistance of the Procurement Office, is responsible for obtaining appropriate signatures for special approval items such as electronic data processing equipment, telecommunications items, records management requirements, College publications, or for other special types of items. The ePro system should automatically route special purchases to the appropriate approving department based upon the NIGP category code.

Originating Departments/Units will be able to view Requisitions and Purchase Orders within the PeopleSoft System.

It is important that no vendor be contacted by College Departments/Units before the actual receipt of the Purchase Order. To do so could jeopardize the bargaining or competitive bidding position of the College or the DOAS Division of Materials Management. Any contact of this nature originated by the supplier should be promptly reported to the Agency (College) Procurement Officer.

Routine travel expenses must be processed under travel regulations. A Request for Purchase may not be used for travel costs such as gasoline, lodging, or per diem.

Items charged to Personal Service Categories of the budget must not be ordered on a Request for Purchase.