8.3.1 Leave – Annual or Vacation

Added: 11/20/2013
Revised: 07/08/2015
Last Reviewed: 07/31/2018
Effective: 08/07/2015







Middle Georgia State University (MGA) employees earn paid vacation/annual leave in accordance with BOR Policy

Faculty members employed on an academic year basis and temporary employees do not earn annual/vacation leave.

Regular employees and faculty employed on a fiscal year basis must work one-half time or more to earn paid vacation/annual leave (generally, this is defined as 20 hours per week).

The employee’s rate of vacation/annual leave accrual is based upon the number of years of their continuous employment as well as their standard work schedule (commitment). Regular employees with a standard work schedule which is more than half-time but less than full-time will accrue vacation/annual leave at a prorated basis relative to their time commitment to a full-time commitment.

Employees should refer to BOR Policy for the accrual rates relative to years of continuous employment. The beginning rate for certain positions is different as outlined in the BOR Policy.

MGA may require the use of vacation/annual leave during periods when the institution’s facilities are closed due to classes not being offered. The institution will communicate the calendar year requirement of mandatory vacation/annual leave dates during the first quarter of the calendar year.