Campus Incident Report Policy and Crime Statistics

Campus incident report policy and crime statistics 

Students, faculty, staff, and campus visitors are subject to all Federal, State and local criminal laws in addition to campus policies. Any person engaged in criminal activity on a campus of Middle Georgia State University is subject to discipline, arrest and prosecution. Responsibility for law enforcement rests with Middle Georgia State University Police Department. The Middle Georgia State University Police reserve the right to request assistance from other agencies when deemed necessary by the Chief of Police.

 University police are employed and authorized to investigate criminal activity and to make arrests. Any report of crime on campus made to University authorities will be investigated in accordance with applicable policies and procedures. To report an emergency, dial 911or 9-911 by campus phone.

 After reporting the emergency, call University Police at:

Macon Campus – (478) 471-2414

Cochran Campus – (478) 934-3002

Dublin Campus – (478) 274-7751

Eastman Campus – (478) 374-6403

Warner Robins Campus – (478) 731-9901

 The University Police will thoroughly investigate the complaint and forward it to any other departments that may need to address administrative sanctions.

 If, for any reason, a report of criminal activity cannot be made in the manner described above, a written report should be delivered in person to the University Police at the Macon, Cochran, Dublin, Warner Robins or Eastman Campus.

 At the Robins Resident Center reports should be filed with military authorities as required under Air Force policy. For further information, contact the Office of the Director, Robins Resident Center, and telephone (478) 327-7307. -

 For a report on crime statistics for Middle Georgia State University, the Office of Postsecondary Education Criminal Offenses is available at https://www.mga.edu/police

 Student Safety and Crime Prevention

Personal safety begins with the individual accepting responsibility for his or her own safety and demonstrating concern for the safety of others. To maintain a safe campus, students, faculty, and staff must participate in campus security by being attentive to their surroundings at all times.

  • Report any suspicious persons or activity to University authorities immediately.
  • Walk with others and remain in lighted areas at all times.
  • Be mindful of the accessibility of the campus to those without authority or invitation.
  • Secure belongings; never leave personal property unattended in public places.
  • Lock automobile and secure valuables.

 Campus Safety Seminars

In addition to the printed information distributed each year, the Office of Student Life and the University Police schedule various seminars relating to personal safety and the security of property for members of the University community.

 These seminars deal with sexual assault, self-defense, crime prevention, and other related topics. Notices announcing these seminars and encouraging student and employee participation will be posted throughout the campus prior to the event. Any campus organizations or group interested in a special presentation should contact the Office of Student Affairs at (478) 757-7383.

Possession of Weapons on Campus 

University System of Georgia policy prohibits possession of guns or any type of deadly weapon, except as permitted by Georgia law, on the campuses of Middle Georgia State University.  University policy details how and when weapons may be carried on MGA campuses in accordance with USG guidance and Georgia law.  Revised 11-7-17.