11.2.8 Network Access Policy

Proposed: 10/31/2016
Adopted: 11/30/2016
Last Reviewed: 07/31/2018
Effective: 08/07/2015






1.0  Overview

The University System of Georgia Technology Handbook requires Middle Georgia State University (MGA) to detect and discover all endpoint devices on the network and categorize or fingerprint these devices. MGA must also be able to identify individual users of these devices in order to respond to policy violations and complaints, such as those associated with illegal distribution of copyrighted materials.

2.0  Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to establish secure network access requirements that allow discovery, inventory and categorization of endpoints as well identification of individual users of these devices.

3.0  Scope

All MGA network users.

4.0  Policy

The Office of Technology Resources manages and oversees technology resources of the institution. This includes all aspects of the wired and wireless network, including infrastructure, wireless channel and frequency management and network security. Network Administrators within this division are the only people authorized to connect routers, switches, wireless routers or access points to the network anywhere on campus, including the dorms.

Network users may be required to verify compliance with institutional security policies and login using an MGA.EDU account or provide contact information via a captive portal registration system before access is granted.

A secure wireless network will be available to MGA faculty, staff and students with an MGA.EDU account. Student accounts will be restricted to Internet access only.

An (open) wireless network will be available to visitors who need a quick and reliable way to access the Internet and for devices that are unable to connect to the secure wireless network. This network is restricted to Internet access only.

Due to potential jamming and interference issues, critical systems must not be attached to the wireless network.

The intent of the wireless network is to provide mobile network access. MGA devices which are permanent and stationary must use the wired network.

All new institutional purchases of mobile devices must be capable of using WPA2-Enterprise to secure communications.

Wireless networking utilizes two frequency bands, 2.400-2.474 GHz and 5.150-5.925 GHz. The Office of Technology Resources must approve any purchases of equipment operating in these bands.

The network (wired or wireless) must not be used by employees to process credit card transactions without explicit approval of the CIO.

 5.0  Enforcement

Devices or users that do not comply with this policy or other MGA policies may be temporarily limited, blocked or disconnected from the network until compliance is resolved. Serious or repeated violations may result in permanent implementation of these measures and/or referral to the appropriate disciplinary official(s). The CIO must approve any waivers of this policy.