7.6.1 Authorization for Travel

Added: 07/01/2014
Revised: 07/08/2015
Last Reviewed: 07/31/2018
Effective: 08/07/2015








Each employee required to travel in the performance of official duties must have prior authorization for the travel.


Travel authorization:

  • Acknowledges that the employee is traveling on behalf of the University and is on official business;
  • Approves the employee’s absence from campus.

Authorization to travel is required even when no reimbursements will be requested or when there will be no charges/direct costs to the University. For example, if an employee is to attend a meeting in Atlanta and ride in the MGA van, there would be no cost for the trip; however, you must still be authorized to go on that trip.


Approval may be in the form of a travel authorization for all out of state travel, and for any travel incurring expenses in addition to mileage- registration fees, meals, lodging, etc.


To obtain a travel authorization, the employee should complete the Travel Authorization Form which can be found on the MGA Accounting Services website, documents and forms. The form should be approved by the employee’s supervisor/budget manager and should be submitted to Accounting Services with the travel reimbursement request packet.

The following travel is deemed approved by the institution based upon the position and the completion of the Travel Authorization Form is not necessary.

Executive Administrative Team Authorizations – Members of the President’s Executive Administrative Team are under a standing authorization to travel anywhere within the United States, including overnight travel. International travel requires a travel authorization prior to travel.

Faculty Authorizations – All faculty teaching or observing on a regular basis at a location other than their home campus are under a standing authorization to travel to that location. An example of this would be an instructor based in Macon teaching a class in Warner Robins. This instructor would automatically be under a standing authorization and no further authorization would be required.