6.10 Weapons on Campus

Proposed: 06/30/2017
Adopted: 07/01/2017
Last Reviewed: 07/31/2018
Effective: 07/31/2017







In accordance with Georgia Law, Middle Georgia State University recognizes that valid license holders may carry concealed handguns on Middle Georgia State campuses, excluding restricted campus facilities such as those noted below. Other types of weapons and firearms are not permitted on Middle Georgia State University campuses—unless expressly permitted by law. It is the responsibility of each license holder to know in which areas on campus it is permissible to carry a concealed handgun.

Any person found in violation of the law without prior written permission from the MGA Chief of Police will be subject to disciplinary action and criminal prosecution. Active and retired law enforcement officials acting under published agency policies and state law as well as active duty military personnel are the only exceptions.

Restricted Facilities:

1. Intercollegiate Sporting facilities

  • Cochran Campus:
    • Morris Gymnasium
    • NeSmith Field
    • Stuckey Field
    • Knights Field
  • Macon Campus:
    • Volleyball Gymnasium (Community Education Center)
    • Georgia Premier Cross Country Course (Long Distance Running Sports Facility)

2. Student Housing facilities

  • Cochran Campus:
    • Anderson Hall
    • Browning Hall
    • Gateway Hall
    • Harris Hall
    • Knights Hall
    • Regents Hall
    • Talmadge Hall
  • Eastman Campus:
    • Aviation Hall
  • Macon Campus:
    • Lakeview Point
    • University Pointe

3. Facilities used for pre-school or childcare services

4. Faculty, staff, and administrative offices

5. Rooms being used for disciplinary proceedings

6. Classes in which high school students are enrolled:

Permit holders are responsible for checking whether they may carry a concealed handgun into a classroom. Students and faculty intending to carry a concealed handgun may visit one of the following offices to find out whether there are restrictions in place for any of their classes:

  • Office of the Registrar
  • Campus Affairs (Campus Director’s Office)
  • University Police

Enrollment-based restriction information will be updated four times per semester as follows:

Semester Business Day Before Classes Start Day after Add/Drop Ends Day after add back ends (2 weeks after Drop/Add) Day after final day to withdraw with “W”
Summer 2017 June 29 N/A N/A July 8
Summer II 2017 June 29 N/A N/A July 13
Fall I 2017 August 11 August 16 August 30 September 15
Fall 2017 August 11 August 18 September 1 October 12
Fall II 2017 October 6 October 11 October 25 November 4
Spring I 2018 January 5 January 10 January 24 February 8
Spring 2018 January 10 January 12 January 26 March 8
Spring II 2018 March 2 March 7 March 21 April 12
Summer I 2018 May 22 May 25 June 7 June 12
Summer 2018 May 29 June 5 June 19 July 5
Summer II 2018 June 21 June 27 N/A July 12
Fall I 2018 August 10 August 15 August 29 September 13
Fall 2018 August 10 August 29 September 12 October 11
Fall II 2018 October 5 October 10 October 24 November 8


Text of legislation: http://www.legis.ga.gov/Legislation/en-US/display/20172018/HB/280

University System of Georgia Guidance and Answers to FAQs: www.mga.edu/campuscarry.