9.3.2 Electric Vehicles

Added: 06/11/2019
Effective: 07/12/2019






Electric Vehicles 

In an effort to promote clean air technologies and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Middle Georgia State University welcomes employees, students and guests using electric vehicles (EV).  MGA’s newest sustainability measure is the addition of an EV (Nissan Leaf) to the fleet.  The EV is available for use to all faculty and staff through the Vehicle Reservation System found here: https://www.mga.edu/transportation/vehicle-request.php

Important items regarding the use of the fleet EV:

  • Range when fully charged is 170 miles.
    • Speed and auxiliary systems such as the air conditioner can significantly affect the range.  Continually monitor the range while driving.
    • Prior to reserving the EV, users should carefully consider the distance to/from the destination and the availability of chargers at or near the destination.
    • The EV is best utilized for trips to the Cochran and Warner Robins campuses and other locations 40 miles or less from campus.
  • Complete instructions for driving and charging are available in a notebook stored in the trunk of the EV.  First time users should take time to become familiar with the nuances of the vehicle prior to leaving campus.
  • Charging stations are available on the Macon and Cochran campuses and other charging stations can be located through the internet.  MGA will review the potential installation of charging stations on other campuses to expand use.

Charging Stations

  • External Charging Stations (Visitors, Employees, Students) - MGA offers Blink charging stations open to the public on the Macon Campus in the West Parking Lot.  These stations are open to both Blink Members and Guests for a fee.  For more information, visit the blink charging website at https://www.blinkcharging.com/ev-charging-fee.
  • MGA Fleet Charging Stations - Charging stations for MGA fleet vehicles are available in the Macon Campus Administration parking lot and in front of Walker Hall on the Cochran campus.  These are Level 2 chargers requiring up to six hours to fully charge.
    • Personal Use of Fleet Charging Stations - The Fleet Charging Stations can be accessed for charging by employees, students and visitors when necessary so long as the amount of charging can be described as minimal, infrequent, and in furtherance of authorized MGA business subject to BOR Policy Manual, Section 8.2.16 Use of University System of Georgia Resources. 

Non-electric vehicles parked in EV Charging spaces may be subject to citation.  Other violations of EV Charging policies are also subject to citation.  Questions regarding the use of Electric Vehicles on campus should be directed to Macon Campus Facilities Office at 478-471-2780.