10.3.3 Records Retention

Added: 11/14/2013
Revised: 07/08/2015
Last Reviewed: 07/31/2018
Effective: 08/07/2015







Each Department/Unit is responsible for the proper retention of records for the records produced within their area.

Prior to records being moved from the unit’s day to day operational area, the records must be properly labeled. The label should be highly visible, preferably printed on bright orange paper, and attached to the end of the storage box. The label should include the identity of the records and the appropriate disposal date. It is the Department’s/Unit’s responsibility to box all files and label the boxes for storage.  A Department/Unit can order record storage boxes from any local vendor.

The Plant Operations Department coordinates the physical transfer of paper records from various department/units and manages the central records storage area. These transfers involve the semi-active and inactive files according to the Records Retention Schedule. The files are stored for ready reference, in a secure area in the records storage facility located in the Campus Support Building on the Macon Campus. There is not a central records storage area for the remaining campuses. The Cochran campus has a central records disposal area in Memorial Hall.

The department/unit should contact the Plant Operations Department for the physical transfer of paper records to the central records storage area or the central records disposal area.


BOR Policy 10.4 provides records retention guidelines for USG institutions and designates the University System Office as the administrator of the records retention guidelines.

The USG Records Management and Archives website provide resources for MGA including the USG record retention schedules.