13.1 Process for Changes to Policy Manual

Proposed: 07/08/2015
Adopted: 08/07/2015
Last Reviewed: 07/31/2018
Effective: 09/06/2015







Requests for changes to the University Policy Manual should be sent to policies@mga.edu.

As noted in the Revisions section, new administrative policies and edits to existing policies may be brought to the President’s Cabinet for discussion by the head of a Division. After discussion, the draft policy will be posted under the Proposed Policies section of this Manual and on the University website for 30 days.

Absent objection by members of the campus community within the 30-day period, the proposed policy change will become effective.

The University Policy Manual is not an operational manual for procedures and processes that are internal to a functional area. Each functional area is responsible for maintaining appropriate procedures to implement University policy and documentation for processes to be used for employee training, for employee reference, and for auditor or other external party review.

Internal processes within functional areas that provide internal controls relative to financial reporting and monitoring should be coordinated with the Controller to ensure the internal controls are properly documented and that they are adequate.

Changes to academic and student policies in the University’s Faculty Handbook, Student Handbook, Catalogs and College/School Handbooks will continue to be approved by the appropriate committees in the MGA governance structure at the University or College/School level, as appropriate.