Rental Policy

Added: 07/01/2015
Revised: 07/01/2018
Last Reviewed: 07/31/2018
Effective: 08/01/2018

Middle Georgia State University Campus Store, in conjunction with Nebraska Book Company, offers select textbooks for rental.

Students may pay the rental price with any tender including financial aid. A credit card number is required as a guaranteed tender for all rental items. The credit card will be charged the price of a new replacement book plus applicable tax and a fee for noncompliance with the rental agreement for not returning the textbook by the close of business on the date specified on the register receipt. If the credit card payment for the non-returned books is declined, the balance will be assigned to a collection agency. A student whose balance is assigned to a collection agency will be responsible for paying any collection fees incurred.

Rental items may not be returned to the Campus Store for credit or exchange after the standard return date. This requirement will be strictly enforced to minimize misuse of the rental program. Rental agreements cannot be modified after the Campus Store’s standard return date and the full fee will be assessed as stated in the rental agreement.

Students must sign a rental agreement at the time of transaction. When the rental books are returned, the student must sign a receipt stating the books were returned before the due date and in saleable condition. This receipt should have a $0.00 amount for return.