8.4.1 Faculty Summer Pay

Added: 04/17/2015
Revised: 07/08/2015
Last Reviewed: 07/31/2018
Effective: 08/07/2015







Middle Georgia State University (MGA) will pay eleven percent of a full time faculty member’s contracted salary for each three hour course up to the first six hours taught during the Summer Semester (subject to the enrollment guidelines below). For each additional hour taught over six hours, the faculty member will be remunerated at the overload rate of $1,000 per credit hour up to a total of 30% of the contracted salary.

Classes must have 15 students enrolled and paid to ‘make”. If fewer than 15 students are enrolled in a class, faculty will be remunerated at the following pro-rata pay rules:

  • 14 Paid Students 14/15 of the amount calculated above
  • 13 Paid Students 13/15 of the amount calculated above… down to 6 students at 6/15

The date to determine enrollment is close of business on the day after drop/add. The deadline to appeal pay calculations based on enrollment is August 15.

Classes with 5 or fewer students enrolled require the approval of the Provost and the Executive VP, Finance and Operations. Additionally, under extreme circumstances, and with the agreement of the Dean, Provost, and EVP the pay range could be adjusted to provide adequate courses to campuses.

Part time and retirees will be paid $2,100 and $3,000 respectively during the summer for classes with 12 or more students. The pay rate will be pro-rated at 11/12, 10/12 and so on down to 6 students. As with full time faculty, classes with fewer than five students enrolled require the approval of the Provost and the EVP.

If a faculty member teaches more than six hours, the order in which courses are paid can determine their compensation. Therefore, the following Pay Order Rules will be used:

  • Courses taught with 15 or more students will be paid first;
  • Courses with the next highest enrollment number will be paid next and so on until all courses are paid.

Also, if a Faculty teach two sections of

  • the same course,
  • on the same campus,
  • in the same part of term, and

One course is over 15 and one course is under, MGA will take the overage and add it to the under for compensation purposes.


Ten Month Faculty Member with a contracted salary of $50,000

• Teaching two 3 hour courses with 15 students enrolled in each = $11,000

• Teaching two 4 hour courses with 15 students enrolled in each = $13,000

• Teaching one 3 hour course with 9 students enrolled and one 4 hour course with 11 students enrolled = $8,066.68

• Teaching one 4 hour course with 15 students enrolled = $7,335 (If teaching only one four hour course, the rate will be 14.67%.)

Please note that Summer Pay will be looked at every year and the current 11% rate is not guaranteed for future summers.