External Parties

External Parties (local businesses and community service organizations) are permitted to solicit on campus provided the External Party is sponsored by a campus organization or as an authorized participant in an appropriate University sponsored activity.

On Campus Participation by External Parties

Any organized use of the campus by external parties must be approved by the University. Middle Georgia State University regularly hosts External Parties (local businesses/community service organizations) seeking to solicit to members of the campus community. An External Party desiring access to the campus for purposes of solicitation must either be the invited guest of a campus organization or must secure authorization to participate in the activities sponsored by the Office of Student Life, typically at the beginning of fall and spring semester. The primary purpose of these Student Life events is to provide students an opportunity to learn about Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) and other campus resources. Any External Party wishing to participate in these Student Life events (i.e. Club Rush or Vendor Fair) must comply with the following procedures. All outside parties wishing to obtain use of fields or facilities must contact the following offices for requirements and reservations:

Macon: Conference Center at (478) 471-2770

Cochran: Office of Campus Director (478) 934-3167

Dublin: Office of Campus Director (478) 274-7808

Eastman: Office of Campus Director (478) 374-6700

Warner Robins: Office of Campus Director (478) 929-6700


The External Party will submit a written request for space (one table and two chairs) to the Director of Student Engagement. The Director of Student Engagement will review the request based on:

  1. The presence of an established storefront in the Middle Georgia area.
  2. The direct benefit to Middle Georgia State University students that the organization is willing to provide, i.e. giveaways, significant discounts, coupons, service, etc.
  3. A positive history between the organization and Middle Georgia State University.
  4. Requests made prior to each event, understanding that the organization shall not have standing reservations for space.
  5. A first-come, first-served and space-available basis.

The Director of Student Engagement reserves the right to choose organizations that will offer participating students a diverse Club Rush experience.

Publication Distribution

The Office of Student Life supports the concept that the University community serves as a safe arena for the free and open exchange of ideas. A request by an External Party for the distribution of a publication(s) is considered based on compliance with the following procedures.


The External Party will submit a written request to the Student Life Coordinator for campus distribution of a publication(s) provided:

  1. The publication supports the mission and policies of the University.
  2. The publication must be free to all members of the community.
  3. The External Party must provide free-standing, professional-quality (not homemade) distribution racks appropriate for the publication.
  4. The return of the distribution racks is not guaranteed.
  5. The distribution racks will be located in the Student Life Center on the Macon Campus, in the Student Activity Center on the Cochran Campus, in the Student Activity Center on the Dublin Campus, in the Game room on the Eastman Campus and in the Thomas Hall Student Lounge on the Warner Robins Campus.
  6. The specific location of the distribution racks is not guaranteed and will be at the discretion of the Student Life Coordinator.
  7. The sponsoring organization must fill the distribution racks in a timely manner or the racks will be removed.

The opportunity for regular distribution of any publication by an External Party is made on a space-available basis and at the discretion of the Director of Student Engagement.


Local businesses, agencies, and organizations may request placing advertisements on campus.  These requests are made to and approved by the Office of Student Life on each campus and will be allowed on a “space available” basis.  The Recreation & Wellness Program may also approve for club sports sponsors in agreement for advertising space at club event.  Advertisements not approved by the Office of Student Life will be removed.