Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs)

Added: 07/01/2015
Revised: 07/01/2018
Last Reviewed: 07/31/2020
Effective: 08/01/2020

In combination to the many programs and activities, MGA also has over 60 clubs and organizations. These organizations cover a broad range of interests which include: international and multicultural organizations, religious organizations, academic honorary organizations, and special interest clubs. Each RSO has a faculty or staff advisor, and the advisor counsels the RSO in the development of programs and projects to enrich the extracurricular program of the University. The RSOs of the University provide students with opportunities to be creative and to develop experiences in student leadership

The RSOs of the University are required to comply with the regulations of the University. Students interested in organizing a new club or organization must follow the guidelines for Recognition of Campus Student Organizations outlined in this handbook.

For more information about Recognized Student Organizations and a comprehensive list of organizations, visit the Student Life website.