Added: 07/01/2015
Revised: 07/01/2018
Last Reviewed: 07/31/2018
Effective: 08/01/2018

The Student Activities Fee paid by students supports amenities such as pool tables, ping pong tables, games flat screen televisions, and much more.


Macon Campus: Student Life CenterSLC-113, 478.471.2710

The game room is a great place to shoot pool, play video games or chess, checkers, and ping pong, or just relax with friends and watch a big screen TV. All activities in the game room are free to Middle Georgia State University students with valid student IDs.


Cochran Campus: (The Wellness Center), 478.934.3152

The Student Center provides a warm and welcoming space for students to enjoy a game of pool, ping pong, cards or board games as well as Xbox and Playstation video game stations. The Center offers efficient and courteous customer service, with all activities free to students with a valid student ID.


Dublin Campus: First Floor, 478.275.6670

The Dublin Campus Student Center provides students with pool tables, ping pong tables, XBOX and PlayStation 3 gaming systems, TV, and a lounge area. Students can take advantage of these facilities during operating hours of the campus. These facilities allow students to socialize as well as study before, between, and after classes. All of these facilities are free to Middle Georgia State University students.


Eastman Aviation Campus: Second Floor, 478.448.4703

The Eastman Campus Student Center/Recreation Room provides students with a TV, pool table, ping pong table and two rooms with fitness equipment for exercising (cardio equipment, free weights, and weight machines). The fitness rooms are to be used at your own risk and you must complete a liability waiver with student life (1009, main lobby) prior to using the facility. There are also several tables and chairs and three computer stations set up for leisurely hanging out and for studying.


Warner Robins Campus: Thomas Hall 115, 478.329.4741

The Warner Robins Activity Center and Café (WRACC) provides students with opportunities to play video games, pool and/or ping pong. All activities in the WRACC are also free to Middle Georgia State University students with valid student IDs.